Pro Report: D2C Wellness and the Future of Personal Health

Zoe Chew

Get insights from research-based tech trends, product frameworks & revenue models to build your NewCo!

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  • How should new startups respond to D2C marketing especially when you’re creating landing pages for idea testing & validation? (including 2 company examples)

  • This new model can help wellness startups expand their revenue streams. (including 2 company examples)

  • What type of value propositions most new D2C healthcare startups are focusing on? (including 2 company examples)

  • Consumers are responding to wellness products differently today and how companies are spotting this trend as an opportunity to introduce new offerings in the market? (including 2 company examples)

  • Total 79 company examples across different segments

  • Total 10 business categories in the D2C personal health space

  • Specific sub-categories within each segment, i.e. the one you see at (1) Weight care

  • 90% of diets fail and how companies are solving this problem?

  • How to monetize by solving psychological fears among consumers?

  • How to monetize a wellness business by reducing frictions?

  • +8 more pricing examples on how companies monetize wellness products for consumers

  • How to create additional revenue streams as a wellness startup?

  • What kinds of businesses charge $1,600+ for an online virtual program?

  • Key driver that will give rise to D2C wellness startups

  • How to capture the growing millennial wellness market in 2021 and beyond?

  • What do consumers prefer and expect in the future of health tech?

  • What features will become more common in D2C wellness solutions?

  • 3 specific product ideas and business opportunities that are solving problems. You’ll unlock:

    🔑 Creator economy meets Healthcare tech

    🔑 D2C healthcare niche opportunity

    🔑 B2B solution in the healthcare industry

  • Instantly download the full PDF report

  • Size
    605 KB
  • Length
    10 pages
  • Instantly download the full PDF report
  • Size605 KB
  • Length10 pages
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Pro Report: D2C Wellness and the Future of Personal Health

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