Pro Report: Embedded Finance & Digital Monetization

Zoe Chew

Get insights from research-based tech trends, product frameworks & revenue models to build your NewCo!

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  • +5 more business categories in the embedded finance space

  • +70 more company examples across different segments

  • Problem definition 1: What problems does Affirm solve?

  • Problem definition 2: How to differentiate low-code fintech solutions…so that any business can become a fintech company?

  • Problem definition 3: What problems do Plaid solve that made the company valued at $13 Billion dollars?

  • Problem definition 4: How does Shopify expand its revenue streams by getting into Embedded Finance?

  • Strategy 1: How to monetize financial services on top of my core business (and how top companies do it?)

  • Strategy 2: If you’re an online marketplace and want to monetize embedded finance, here are 2 great examples implemented by top companies.

  • Strategy 3: Clever way to charge users for a fintech solution on top of transaction/payment processing fees.

  • Evidence 1: New problems that are emerged from the future of eCommerce and why new solutions are needed?

  • Evidence 2: Why this technological shift will give rise to new fintech solutions?

  • Evidence 3: Why Amazon recent’s (smart) move is an indicator for new demand?

  • Evidence 4: Why new consumer payment habit shifts will drive the demand for new solutions?

  • Evidence 5: Who is most likely to adopt embedded finance in digitization (and how easy it has become to acquire customers?)

  • Opportunity 1: Decentralized finance (DeFi) product idea

  • Opportunity 2: Creators economy meets FinTech product idea

  • Opportunity 3: Online marketplace meets FinTech product idea

  • Opportunity 4: How to use embedded finance in my existing business?

  • Instantly download the full PDF report

  • Size
    537 KB
  • Length
    10 pages
  • Instantly download the full PDF report
  • Size537 KB
  • Length10 pages
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Pro Report: Embedded Finance & Digital Monetization

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