Pro Report: Unbundling University and the Future of Education

Pro Report: Unbundling University and the Future of Education

Zoe Chew

Get insights from research-based tech trends, product frameworks & revenue models to build your NewCo!

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  • 76 more company examples across business categories

  • Problem definition 1: What specific problem innovative e-learning startups are solving?

  • Problem definition 2: What kind of problem do you need to solve to become a successful cohort-based course?

  • Problem definition 3: How On Deck generates additional revenues by solving this problem (most competitors missed!).

  • Problem definition 4: Why solving this problem will create a new way to monetize your EdTech product?

  • Strategy 1: How Coursera made $293.5 million in 2020 using this business model?

  • Strategy 2: Use this model to increase long-term liquidity for your business

  • Strategy 3: If you’re just starting out, use this model for quick cashflow, then layer other revenue channels as you expand

  • Evidence 1: People are willing to spend money on this type of online learning and what possible solutions will emerge?

  • Evidence 2: New problems have started to emerge in the remote workforce and why new e-learning solutions are needed?

  • Evidence 3: Competition in online education is rising and how to drive out competition and win?

  • Evidence 4: One-size-fits-all curriculum is becoming irrelevant and what are the possible new solutions?

  • Evidence 5: Why EdTech should cater their solutions to this user behavior shift?

  • Opportunity 1: Monetize by enriching campus life & students’ experience

  • Opportunity 2: Monetize by helping professional researchers to succeed

  • Opportunity 3: Monetize by helping educators to succeed

  • Opportunity 4: Niche marketplace idea in the education industry

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