Pro Report: Creator economy of Gaming & Game Monetization

Pro Report: Creator economy of Gaming & Game Monetization

Zoe Chew

Get insights from research-based tech trends, product frameworks & revenue models to build your NewCo!

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  • 5 more game creators monetization tools

  • How are Roblox & Epic Games solving problems for game developers?

  • How Steam generates additional revenue by solving this problem?

  • What problem does Mod.io solve to make money as a business?

  • Strategy 1: How to use this model to reduce marketing costs or user acquisition efforts?

  • Strategy 2: Most popular way (due to its flexibility) to expand your revenue streams as a game business, including examples of big game studios applying this model.

  • Evidence 1: Why the rise of new gaming business models will drive demand for adjacent product categories to rise?

  • Evidence 2: New problems have started to emerge in the creators’ economy and why new solutions are needed?

  • Evidence 3: Competition in creators economy is rising and why new solutions are needed to drive out competition and win?

  • Evidence 4: Impact of eSports and the next-gen game tech solutions

  • Evidence 5: Why gaming tech should cater their solutions to this user behavior shift?

  • Opportunity 1: Game-as-a-service (GaaS) idea

  • Opportunity 2: Monetize by helping game founders succeed

  • Opportunity 3: Monetize by helping game developers succeed

  • Opportunity 4: Niche business idea for no-code game creation platform

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