Pro Report: Unbundling of Excel and the Future of SaaS

Zoe Chew

Get insights from research-based tech trends, product frameworks & revenue models to build your NewCo!

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  • 3 more business categories are born out to replace Excel templates

  • 14 more company examples across business categories

  • What problems does Firebase solve?

  • What problems do collaboration apps solve?

  • What problems do low-code apps solve?

  • Strategy 1: If you’re just starting out with a SaaS MVP, you can monetize immediately using this pricing model, then add more revenue layers as you go.

  • Strategy 2: If you want to scale the pricing, this model is a good addition.

  • Strategy 3: If you’re creating a SaaS for creators monetization, this is a strategic business model.

  • Strategy 4: Most common way to create additional revenue streams on top of your core SaaS features.

  • Evidence 1: new problems that are emerged from remote work and why new SaaS solutions are needed

  • Evidence 2: new problems that are emerged from freelancing entrepreneurship and why it matters for SaaS businesses

  • Evidence 3: why this cultural shift in the workplace will give rise to new SaaS solutions?

  • Evidence 4: where the future of SaaS is heading?

  • Opportunity 1: SaaS idea that helps cross-functional teams collaborate

  • Opportunity 2: SaaS idea that helps product team build the right product features

  • Opportunity 3: SaaS idea in automation

  • Instantly download the full PDF report

  • Size
    436 KB
  • Length
    9 pages
  • Instantly download the full PDF report
  • Size436 KB
  • Length9 pages
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Pro Report: Unbundling of Excel and the Future of SaaS

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