Video Hackathon (NoCode): Build a Content, Community & Membership App + Glide Template


Want to start a side hustle and monetize an online business idea? In this 1 hour 18 min step-by-step video hackathon, you will learn:

  • Create a content app with community + membership offering feature with multi-users functionality
  • Turn any content into "sellable" offerings on an app (i.e. blogs, videos, workshops, recordings, events access, newsletters)
  • Build a fully functional app, without code
  • Using Product Thinking Framework to build an app from start to finish

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❓About the instructor: Zoe Chew

What you'll get

Why Video Hackathon?

  • Hack an app (nocode) at your own pace, don’t need to worry about teaming up with technical folks to start building something
  • Step-by-step video lecture & instruction, you won't feel lost
  • Equip valuable skills to turn an idea into a monetizable app
  • You don't need to quit your day job to start a side hustle
  • No hackathon prize, but you WIN when you execute an idea rather than thinking about it

Upon purchase:

You will immediately access the video content (stream-only) + Glide app template (link in the PDF download). For best quality, make sure to turn on the HD 1080p option (requires fast Internet speed) when you stream the video on Gumroad (use the Auto option on a normal Internet speed).

View content: Find your download in your email inbox. It looks like this:

Video content:

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 03:09 - Product Thinking Framework
  • 04:07 - Map Out the User Flows
  • 06:01 - Setting Up App Database
  • 12:26 - Create the Video Course Playlist
  • 14:15 - Design the App Layout for Video Playlist
  • 15:47 - Categorize Video Playlists Based on Topic
  • 19:21 - Users’ Rating & Database
  • 21:39 - Bookmark Content to a User’s Account
  • 22:48 - Create “Complete” Indicator on Watched Content
  • 26:04 - Display Progress Bar & Visualize Course Progress
  • 32:55 - User’s Account & Profile Page
  • 36:18 - Event Page & Premium Members Area
  • 45:27 - Community Feature: Post a Discussion
  • 48:22 - Community Feature: Comments Section
  • 52:13 - Newsletter Content & Bookmark Articles
  • 01:01:04 - Sell Content Membership on The App with Stripe
  • 01:08:22 - Adding “Home” Screen for Featured Content
  • 01:17:05 - Publish the App!
  • 01:18:04 - Test Drive the App on Mobile Device
  • 01:18:27 - THE END

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Video length
1 hour 18 min
Extra Materials
Glide App Template & App Database
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Video quality
1920 × 1080. Available in HD 1080p when you stream on Gumroad.
Audio quality
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Video Hackathon (NoCode): Build a Content, Community & Membership App + Glide Template